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My “So-Far” Fitness Journey

I don’t usually share my fitness *success* story for a few small reasons:

  1. Because I’m not where I want to be yet – I’m still on my fitness journey, and will be for my entire life.
  2. Because I haven’t lost weight, I’ve gained it, and some people just don’t relate to that.


Now here are a few reasons why I’m going to share it publicly anyways:

  1. Because I want to inspire other people to start their journeys – it doesn’t matter how many people don’t relate with me; all that matters is the few who do.
  2. Because weight isn’t what matters.


I was an athlete my entire childhood. I swam, I played soccer, basketball, water polo, football, you name it.

But just over a year ago, I was at a low in my fitness journey. I was taking naps every single day. I was eating a handful of food every day. I wasn’t exercising or playing sports often.

I finally realized something was going on when I passed out at a concert – no drugs, no dancing, just standing with only a belly full of food and only 1 drink. The medics were called and determined my blood pressure was very low.

I thought about seeing a specialist because I thought I might have a thyroid problem. I was also finally anemic (not enough iron in your blood) after being borderline-anemic for awhile.

Then I realized how sedentary I was, how little I ate and how I wasn’t as muscular anymore. So I started taking walks. Just long, fast walks with my German shepherd for about 40 minutes per day.

Within a week I was eating about twice as much food. Within a few weeks I was eating more like 4 times as much as I had been eating a month prior.

Now, over my fitness journey I have studied and worked as a personal trainer, ran several 5k’s, and ran the longest distance in my life so far.

I have gained about 10 pounds, lost around 5% body fat, gained 3+ inches on my hips, gained half an inch on my biceps, and lost 4+ inches off my waist.

I now eat breakfast every day, exercise regularly, I’ve met tons of amazing people, started a fitness business, and I’ve set amazing goals for myself that I would never have dreamed of before!!!

So there you have it, the landmarks and numbers of my fitness journey.

Everyone who begins a fitness journey starts out on a different page, at a different time, on a different level.

Maybe you want to lose 15 pounds. Maybe you want to lose 50, or you want to gain 20. Maybe you want to look better, sleep better, feel better, eat more often, run faster, have more energy, have better sex, or just hopefully not get diabetes one day. Whatever you want out of it, go out and get it! You will only get out as much as you put into it. If you want guidance or support on your fitness journey, reach out to me!! I would love to be your coach!